UK's Lucrative Job Market: Exploring the List of High-Paying Professions

UK High-Paying Professions

You will find out the list of UK most expensive paid jobs in this article today. So I guess you are on the right platform right now.

Working in the UK is one of the best things that could ever happen to a worker because they top the list of the highest wage receivers in Europe. By the way, the after-tax family income is £37,730 per year which is £10,000 more than the European average. 

According to the Annual Hours and Compensation Survey (ASHE) that was carried out in the Office of National Statistics and the data got from payscale; we have been able to get information concerning the highest paying jobs in the UK right now.

This survey has revealed the list of most expensive paid jobs in UK which ranges from financial managers down to airline pilots. 

Therefore, this should be one of the most reliable information you will ever get online.

List Most Expensive Paid Jobs in UK

The jobs listed in this section are the ones that get the biggest salaries annually. You should note that the salaries indicated here are just average salaries. So make yourself comfortable as you read about the most expensive paid jobs in the UK below;

Administrators- £172,716

Right from time, any job that has to do with admin is well paid. So finding this on this list today shouldn't be a shocker to you. The administrators are usually directors and CEOs of companies and organizations. They earn an average salary of £172,716. They are generally in charge of the general profitability of a company or organization.

You will require a bachelor’s or master’s degree in business administration for you to be part of this field.

Brokers - £133,845

Brokers have a long time belongs to the list of UK most expensive paid jobs. The role of a broker is to buy and sell stocks for clients, with the hope of getting a return on their investment. The average salary of brokers is £133,845. They were once tagged the second-highest paid in the UK by the ASHE. Meanwhile, some London brokers earned more than £2million in bonuses based on reports by career builders.

Doctors/Physicians - £73,598

It is very normal to find doctors on the list of most expensive UK jobs because their services have to do with human health and wellness. Doctors or physicians as they are called in the UK do earn an average of £73,598 according to ASHE.  To become a doctor in the UK, you have to complete a five-year medical degree, which is followed by a two-year program where you will train as a doctor.

Financial Directors - £72,345

The financial directors are one of the biggest earners in the UK. Yes, the Chief Financial Officers are in charge of providing financial advice to businesses and organizations. Their business decisions help them to increase their profits and avoid financial loss.

The average salary for a financial manager in the UK is £ 72,345, according to payscale. The most aspiring managers are going to discover that they need a degree in conjunction with professional accounting qualifications to get a job in this field.

Aircraft Pilots - £70,595

Pilots are in charge of flying commercial, business or cargo aircraft to and from the UK. According to ASHE, they earned an average of £70,595 per year. For you to get a job as a pilot, you need A-Level results with extensive training. This will help you obtain the commercial pilot license, which must be received at an approved Civil Aviation Authority training (CCA) school.

Air Traffic Controllers - £64,045

This job is one which requires you to supervise the landing and take-off of aeroplanes from UK airports. You are expected to monitor the aeroplane speed, height and course. As at the time of publishing this piece, the average salary was £64,045 per year. Therefore, to get an air traffic controller job, you need a minimum of five General Secondary Education Certificates (GCSEs) and two A-levels.

Legal professionals - £60,000

As a legal professional or lawyer, your job opportunity seems to be limitless because you are opportune to work in a lot of sectors. This is another reason why a lot of people wish to become legal professionals in the nearest future. Well, it has been said that the average salary of a law graduate is about £60,000.

To get a job as a legal professional, you need to acquire a bachelor degree in law. Meanwhile, you will get something bigger if your degree is higher.

Police Inspector - £56,421

The police inspector job might not be the best option for some people but the truth is that they are well paid in the UK.

The average salary of a police inspector in the UK can be around £56,421 per year. These people play a monitoring role over police and sergeant and then submit a report to the policemen of higher ranks.

They are responsible for good relations within the community and seen around the streets. By the way, there is no formal educational requirement to enter the police force. You only need a clean criminal record to get selected.

ICT Directors - £45,000

I believe that you won’t deny the impact of computer our daily lives today. Yes, you will hardly find an organization in the UK without the presence of an ICT director. This has made the job a lucrative one. These people are responsible for maintaining and establishing the common computer system in organizing and also assist the workers when necessary.

The average salary of an ICT director in the UK is £45,000


I believe you now know the most expensive paid jobs in UK. Well, the UK is one of the best places to get good jobs because of the stable economy over there. Therefore, if you belong to any of the fields mentioned above, you should consider applying soon.

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