USA Visa Application Tips Made Easy

USA Visa Application

I still wonder who doesn’t wish to travel to USA. Yes, the United States is one of the best places to be in the world right now.

Well, I guess the USA Visa Application has been made easy with the guide that you are about to read now. Whether you are an African or from any other place on this planet, I believe this is the right guide for you to travel to USA.

The primary step to take whenever you want to travel to USA is to get a "non-immigrant" visa to visit the United States as tourists. 

Mind you, there is no guarantee or rule when it comes to Visa application file acceptance. The decision whether or not to grant you the USA Visa is entirely up to the consular officer who receives your file which so because two people with the same family and financial situation can have two different answers to their questions.

But I believe this guide will help you right.

How to Apply for USA VISA

Submit your USA Visa Application

This request is usually made online. All you have to do is to follow the steps below.

  • Log on to the consulate's website and select "non-immigrant visa application".
  • Fill out the DS-160 online form with your sincere and precise details. Meanwhile, it is not compulsory to fill everything the first time. You can always come back to the form whenever you log in.
  • Ensure you upload a digital photograph taken within the past six months to finish and submit Form DS-160. 
  • Note that immediately you have completed and submitted your form, you won’t be privileged to make any changes.
  • Then, your DS-160 application form will be generated on the confirmation page with an alphanumeric barcode. 
  • You should print this page and email yourself a copy of the page because the printed confirmation page will be required for your interview at the Consulate.
  • Meanwhile, I think it’s important to know that each person applying for the USA visa must complete a separate form.

Pay your Visa Application Fee

You are expected to pay $160 which you can convert to your country’s currency. Immediately the form has been sent, you will find the bank account details where the money would be paid. 

So go to any bank close to you with your visa application deposit slip to pay your visa fees in cash. Note that all applicants including children must pay the visa fee whereas each applicant must complete the form and pay the visa fee in a separate transaction.

Ensure that you keep your bank receipt as the CGI reference number listed on the receipt will be needed to book your USA visa appointment.

Make an Appointment for your Visa Interview

Wait for at least 24 hours for your VISA payment to pass. Then, log in to the website using the same credentials you used to pay your visa fees to the United States. 

So follow the online procedure to make an appointment at the corresponding office in your preferred location.

Prepare your necessary documents

Below are the important documents to prepare with. Ensure that you get them ready;

  • The deposit slip for your visa application and the DS-160 completed form printed online.
  • Bank Visa Application Fee Payment Receipt.
  • The confirmation of your printed appointment date.
  • You will get a passport valid for travel to the United States that has a validity date of at least six months after your desired period of stay in the United States.
  • A photo that is in the format required for the USA visa.
  • Possess documents which prove to the consular officer that you have got solid ties to your country of residence. Some of them include;
    • Work certificate
    • Salary certificate
    • Last 3 payslips
    • 3 last CNSS slips
    • Last 6 bank statements
    • Hotel reservation
    • Travel insurance

Meanwhile, for students or unemployed people, the required documents would include a certificate of financial support by his/her guarantor who must provide other documents where applicable.

As a general rule, the documents must show the financial situation of the applicant or his guarantor, and demonstrate his attachment to his or her country.

This is to prove the reasons for the stay in the United States and also demonstrate his/her intention to leave the American territory after the temporary stay.

By the way for a traveller under the age of 14, the following documents are needed;

  • The birth certificate of the child
  • A proxy letter that is signed by one of the parents
  • A photocopy of the official identity document of the parent who signed the power of attorney
  • The original CIN official ID with photo of the representative
  • The original legal proof of the parental relationship (i.e. family card, birth certificate, etc.).

Attend the USA visa application interview

Below are some tips to help you pass.

  • Present yourself at the consulate on the date and time for your interview for the USA visa. Go along with the following required documents discussed earlier.
  • Get interviewed in your most preferred language because you will be given the choice of having the interview with the consular officer in the language that suits you best: English, Arabic or French.
  • Ensure that  take your fingerprints on the day of the appointment
  • During the interview, the consular officer asks you questions about your financial situation, family, questions about your itinerary, and the reasons for your travel etc. Make sure that you are comfortable and remember to answer all questions truthfully and clearly.

Wait for your Visa Application Reply

You will get your reply on the day of the interview on the same spot you applied.

If the consular officer is satisfied with your answers, he will take your passport and ask you to come back and collect it within 3 working days or more.

If the consular officer is not satisfied with the veracity or originality of your file, he will return your passport to you immediately without giving you any explanations.

Wait for Your Visa to be Processed

Although the usual processing time for a USA visa application for is three working days. However, the processing time for some specific cases may vary depending on individual circumstances and other special requirements.

Follow up your visa application

You can track the status of your USA visa application at any time on this website. Then, wait at least 3 working days after your interview before checking the status of your request!  If the status shows “ready for pick up” that means your passport is ready to be collected.

Go get your passport back

If your visa application has been approved, your passport will be returned to the agency where you have previously chosen. Ensure that you collect a passport within 15 days.

Meanwhile, to collect your passport, you must present your official CIN ID with photo (no photocopy) as well as a printed copy of your appointment letter indicating your UID code.

In a situation where someone else will have to collect your passport from the collection office for you, then the person will need to show the below:

  • His original official ID with photo for identification
  • A copy of your official ID
  • A power of attorney, signed by you authorizing him to collect your passport


Right now, you should start packing your luggages as we have covered everything that you need to know about applying for the USA Visa.

Meanwhile, you can spread love by sharing this article with other people online who have the intention to travel to USA soon. 

Don't forget to share your thoughts in the comment section below. Thanks.

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