Comprehensive Guide on How to Obtain a USA Work Permit

USA Work Permit

The United States is considered to be one of the most attractive countries in terms of living and earning money. Therefore, many people prefer to immigrate in search of a dream job in this very direction. But only the holders of the appropriate visas and work permits can legally find a job under the law. 

So today, you will be learning how to get USA work permit! Relax as you read through

What is a Work Permit?

A work permit in the United States is a special document that allows a foreigner to work in the States. A foreigner holding this document is entitled to legally work in America.

But before thinking of getting a work permit as an immigrant or non-immigrant, you must have your social insurance number. A migrant cannot be issued a work permit without this number.

People that are Eligible for USA Work Permit

If you plan to get a USA Work Permit, then you should check out the categories of people eligible for the work permit in the USA. So, confirm if you fall under any of these categories.

  • Asylum seekers in America. 
  • People who have obtained temporary refugee status.
  • Citizens who wish to formalize the right to permanent residence in America. 
  • Representatives of some nations, such as citizens of the Marshall Islands. 
  • Close relatives of people who work in US diplomatic institutions. 
  • People who want to get a job in the USA. 
  • Close relatives of American citizens eligible to reside there permanently.

Requirements to Get the USA Work Permit

Some certain documents and requirements should be noted before applying for this work permit. So check them out and prepare ahead.

  • Photocopy of Form I-94. 
  • A photocopy of the passport (two pages are needed: the main page and the one with the American visa pasted on). 
  • A photocopy of a document confirming the fact that the applicant has applied to the migration service to change his migration status.
  • Two photos. The relevance of the photo assumes the fact that it was taken no earlier than 30 days before the date of the person's appeal to the US Immigration and Citizenship Service. 
  • Form I-94 electronically
  • A photocopy of your social security number. If not, then the document is not required.
  • When an applicant requests help from a lawyer, form G-28 should be attached. 
  • When a person submits the package of documents required to issue him a permit to work in America, he must pay a fee of $ 380.  However, there are categories of people whom the state exempts from this payment which include Refugees and Parents of immigrants with special status in America (NATO staff, etc.).

How to Obtain a USA Work Permit

Obtaining a work permit in the United States begins with an application to the US Citizenship and Immigration Service. If the application is approved, the person will receive a small plastic card, which will indicate all his data, as well as the validity period.

To start this application, you need to download the I-765 form on the US Citizenship and Immigration Service website where you need to select the item "Work Permit" in the checkboxes. 

However, if you have a work permit that its validity period has expired then it is necessary to select the item "Renewing my work permit". In a situation where you have lost your work and wish to apply for its restoration, then select the item "Replacing the lost work permit". 

You should go ahead to fill the necessary information which includes the below;

  • Full name, surname and other names wish should be rewritten from the passport. Meanwhile, if the applicant has ever changed his name, then it should be indicated. 
  • Other Names - Married women who take their husband's surname must indicate their maiden name. If the applicant did not have and does not have any other names, then the word NONE should be left in the column. 
  • A valid US mailing address. 
  • Citizenship and country in which the passport was obtained. 
  • Place of birth: country, city. 
  • Full date of birth. 
  • Marital status. 
  • Social Security number - Even if it is no longer valid, the applicant still indicates its number. If a person has never had such a number, he writes NONE in the column.
  • Foreign identification number.
  • Date of application for the right to work in the United States - If the applicant has not previously submitted such an application, then this should be indicated.
  • Date of last entry into America - The geographical point of entry into the territory of America, that is, a state, a city.
  • Status of stay in America - For example, the applicant could have crossed the American border with student status.
  • Applicant's current status.
  • Migration category - The choice is made from a list of proposed categories.

After filling out the form, you must sign it and indicate your contact phone number. There is one more signature column below. But in a case where a lawyer who assisted you in completing the form, he must also sign.

How to Monitor Your Application Progress

You have the opportunity to monitor the progress of your application in electronic mode. To do this, he must fill out Form G-1145.

The Form G-1145 is a subscription to receive electronic notifications about the progress of the application. It is recommended to do this for every applicant.  As a rule, the time for consideration of the application does not exceed 30-40 days. Therefore if you have submitted all the necessary package of documents and correctly filled out the I-765 form, you should receive a work permit.

After getting the work permit, you will receive a letter from USCIS which you will take to your employer who will give you a social security number. After a few days, the information on the website will be updated and there will be a record that you have been sent a card which is your work permit.

In a situation where some data are incorrect or not indicated at all, then the US Citizenship and Immigration Service will require complete information about you. So you won't receive a work permit until everything is confirmed.


I hope we have been able to cover everything you need to know about getting a USA Work Permit. You shouldn’t hesitate to share this with your colleagues who might be interested in knowing how to get USA Work Permit.

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